THIS SAT – Exciting Half Time Competition – Can you Juggle?

On Saturday June 1st, our Seniors are home (v Moreland Zebras), and we are starting our half-time activity program. We are looking for players to compete in a juggling competition to be staged during half time (about 4pm), where the winners will win prizes donated by our Sponsors and the Club itself.

Right now, can we ask you tell the guys about the event. Simply, each player will juggle the ball for as long as he can, and the three lads who keep the ball in the air for the longest go into a grand final – that’s it!

The only rules are

The ball must start on the ground and any part of your body can come into contact with the ball except hands or arms.

Players will have 5 seconds to get the ball into the air and are forfeited once it hits the ground. We will have adult judges to supervise. There is only ONE round!! The last three left juggling go in to a Grand Final (all three finalists will win a prize), and the winner from these gets the grand prize!
The Club will provide the balls (sized to boys age) and it’s open to everyone!
Entrants should be ready to start as soon as the half time whistle goes and Ghadir Razuki will be there to marshal them to the area.

Good luck!

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