NPL Trials 2020

Registrations are now closed for

U13, U14, U15, U16, U18, U20

To attend the NPL Trials, you must submit an Expression Of Interest

NPL Under 20 Trials

Fill In the Details below and register your expresssion of interest to attend trials at Eastern Lions

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NPL Squads Only (Under 13 - Senior)

NPL Trial Process

We hold trials for our NPL teams every year.  For our under age teams, we offer spots to some existing players that we wish to retun and play with us.  All players NOT offered a place are invited to the trials.  Also invited to our trial process are any players that have registered their interest with us from our website.

The trail process is conducted over a number of sessions to ensure all players have a fair and equitable chance to gain selection for the team.  The sessions will usually consist of

  1. A warm up
  2. A small sided game of 4v4 or similar
  3. A larger game of 8 v8

The selection process is based on a number of factors and observations from the selection panel .  The main qualities that the selection panel look for in the players are:

  1. Technical and tactical ability
  2. Attitude and Coachability
  3. Fit for the club

Successful players will be offered a position in writing or email.  The players/parents are given a 7 day period to accept the offer. In order to a secure a spot offered by the club,  a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required within seven days of the offer being sent.

Whilst we welcome new families and players to our club, out trial process is geared towards having existing players having the best opportunities to retain their position in the squad.  Be value loyalty and developing players to play for our first team, orto play at higher levels where the opportunity arises 

Eastern Lions Soccer Club NPL Trials

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