Member Protection policy

As the Eastern Lions Soccer Club  committee board members, on the subject of Club code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy, we will follow the guidelines provided by our National governing body – the FFA.

Here is a summary of the policies we will adhere to :

  • adopt, implement and comply with this policy;
  • ensure that this policy is enforceable;
  • publish, distribute and promote this policy and the consequences of any breaches of this policy;;
  • promote and model appropriate standards of behaviour at all times;
  • deal with any complaints made under this policy in an appropriate manner;
  • deal with any breaches of this policy in an appropriate manner;
  • recognise and enforce any penalty imposed under this policy;
  • ensure that a copy of this policy is available or accessible to all people and organisations to whom this policy applies;
  • review this policy every 12-18 months; and
  • seek advice from and refer serious issues to our Victorian State MPIO.

 Serious issues include unlawful behaviour that involves or could lead to significant harm and includes criminal behaviour (e.g. physical assault, sexual assault, child abuse) and any other issues that our state or national bodies request to be referred to them.

Click here to access a copy of the Football Federation Australia National Member Protection Policy

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