Kids Soccer Clinics

September School Holidays Soccer Clinics

  • September 30th to 4th October 2019
  • Dedicated Capped number groups -  Maximum 12 participants per coach.

Dedicated Capped number groups -  Maximum 12 participants per coach.

Age Groups

  • 5 – 8 years
  • 9 – 10 years
  • 11 – 13 years
  • 14 – 16 years

Contact Phone : 0456 302 461

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Little Rookies Program

(4-7 year olds)


JD 0414 393 987

Norm: 0416 036 346


Kids Soccer Programs

We cater for kids soccer in many ways, offering a variety of

  • soccer coaching ( 1 on 1)

  • soccer clinics for kids

  • soccer holiday camps and programs

Little Rookies Soccer Program for kids

Our Saturday morning programs cater for young kids soccer, for players from 4 years old to 7 years old.  All coaches are fully qualified, and have working with children checks. 

This program is in line with the discovery phase of the National Curriculum

This stage is heavily focussed on ensuring kids learn to love the game of soccer and have fun in an environment that promotes self confidence, self esteeem and a love for the game.

The Little Rookies program is designed to be fun and help the kids with basic skills with a huge emphasis on fun.  

The program has been running successfully for a number of years, and  we are very proud of the commitment the club has towards helping young kids learn how to play soccer in a family friendly and fun environment.

Not all children are ready to be involved in sports like soccer at a young age of 4, so we ensure that the players and their parents are helped as much as possible to ensure the enjoyment of our program.

The little rookies is a fabulous stepping stone for kids and allows an easy progression into the Mini Roos program, where the kids play soccer games against other teams. 

Summer School

The Eastern Lions Summer School offers kids soccer training for 9 thru to 12 the opportunity to play soccer during the gap between seasons.  The soccer coaching for kids in this program is also aligned with the skill aquisition component of National Curriculum.  The summer school has an emphasis on coaching kids soccer skills and techniques to help them improve theire technique.  In this way, the soccer program is slightly different from "normal" team coaching as it has a far greatr emohasis on the individual skill of the players

School Holiday Programs

Eastern Lions also runs a number of soccer camps during the school holidays.  These camps help give young soccer players the chance to be actively involved in developing their soccer skills during the school holidays and get them out in some fresh air!!

The school holiday soccer programs and designed to be fun and education  for "kids soccer"

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