Ayrton Redmore – Q&A

Ayrton Redmore was a member of our U17 squad, a hard working defender that was given the opportunity of a lifetime to go and play for Tusculum University in America. Since his move abroad Ayrton has had a phenomenal experience that has included playing along side youth internationals from around the world and winning the Conference Championships after a slow start to the season.

What are your favourite memories from your time with The Eastern Lions?

My memories of Eastern Lions are nothing but good memories. Witnessing the club beat Richmond 2-0 in my last weekend to help ensure survival from relegation to the great social banter the club has and how close together the players are on and off the pitch. But also beating Melbourne victory and Melbourne city in the same season was something I was very happy about.

How did the opportunity to play abroad come about?

I was about 15 when I got an offer to come to a tryout to play against other players for an agency to get scouted to play abroad and I got the all good and I began to work with the agency called NSR and they helped me get scouted over here In USA.

Were you nervous about going to play abroad?

Not really, I was definitely more excited than nervous, I felt excited at every point till the final goodbye at the airport as I was going to learn about myself and what type of character I am and what type of man I was without my parents, they were the only nerves but I was definitely more excited than nervous.

What is your favourite moment from America so far?

Definitely when we won the conference tournament. Because we had such a unsuccessful 2017 we were written off by every team and coach and to come from a 2-5 record to recover and go 12-1-2 in the final 15 games I think that summed up the mentality to prove people wrong and to win the conference tournament and qualify for the NCAA National Tournament and to win the first round game and get knocked out by #1 in the nation, definitely my proudest moment.

Who is the best player you have played with so far in the USA?

That’s so difficult, I can’t pick just one, so many talented players coming from professional backgrounds it’s too hard to pick.

Would you recommend the American adventure to other Aussie kids?

Definitely, it’s an opportunity to experience a different style of football in a different culture with people from all around the world while getting your degree. It’s a great chance to experience something you are not going to experience back home

What are your plans for the future?

The next couple of years are up in the air and there are no certainties. There are many options out there for me, which is a good thing. Staying out in USA is an option whether that is transferring or staying at my current school. Everybody has aspirations of turning pro and I would love to do that back in the UK where I originate. But also coming home and finishing my studies and football

out in Australia is an option. The USA gives you a strong platform, which is a good thing. But the future remains clouded but the good thing is I have plenty of options.


Good Luck Ayrton, From Everybody at The Eastern Lions.


If you are interested in finding out more about playing college football in the USA and the NSR

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